miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

The mystery box

Kurt was walking when, suddenly, he saw a box. Then, he asked to me that to draw a key in his hand to open that box. After that, he opened the box and he could see other box with a balloon. He didn’t can reach the box on the air, so he asked to me that to draw a balloon in his other hand. I drew a balloon, but this finally was an egg. This egg had a dragon inside. So, Kurt, asked to me that to draw a sword in his hand. Next, Kurt confronted the dragon. All was in flames, then I drew a rain cloud to extinguish the fire. In this moment all place was inundate. Then Kurt asked to me that to draw a drain at the bottom of the page. The water disappeared in the place. Consequently, a lightning broke the balloon and the mystery box fall. Finally, the box contained words that said: Be creative every day.

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