martes, 11 de abril de 2017

Interview whit my partner (Activity in class)

In this chance, My partner (a girl) and me talk about our vacations.

She: What did you do in the last vacations?

  • Me: I went to Bogotá City.

She: Where did you stay?

  • Me: I stayed in my aunt's house.

She: When did you go?

  • Me: I went on December.

She: Why did you travel?

  • Me: Because I like sharing with my family.

She: Who did you go with?

  • Me: I went with my parents and my sister.

She: How did you go there?

  • Me: I went by car.

She: How many people traveled there?

  • Me: We were four people.

She: How much money did you spend?

  • Me: I didn't spend much money.

She: Which places did you visit?

  • Me: I visited the National Museum and the Congress of republic.

She: Whom did you met?

  • Me: I emt many people.

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