martes, 11 de abril de 2017

Short story

In the last class, our teacher said to us to do a short text whit the next verbs: Went, talked, ate, was, said, began, thought, cried, cleaned, took...

So, my creation was the next text:

«In the last week, I went to know a pretty girl. She talked a lot. She talked about her life, her parents and her body; she ate a lot of food when she was child, so, she is fat. I remember that she said: "I began to eat a lot in crisis time some days ago", after that, she add: "I'm ugly, I'm fat". But I didn't think that. She cried. I cleaned her tears and I took her hands. Then, I said looking her eyes: "No. You aren't ugly. You're a pretty girl".»

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