jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

Literature as a rule of life

My name is Gustavo Malagón. I want to write stories for you. I was born in 9th of march in 1996. I'm 21 years old. I have seem the world change and with him I've also seen change.

I created this space for search with you all my past and present stories. 

I remember when I was a child, inocent and ingenuos child. The life in this moment was wonderful and the world looked like good, without actions that broke my mind and my inocence. In that moment of my life, I learned to write and read, although, I liked to read two years ago. My first book was "Hittler's Ovens"; a book that, in my opinion, is a very strong book for its story and history. From this moment, I had created my first hobbie: read definitly. My second hobby was write stories for my friends and my parents. 

When I read the Olga Lengyel's book, I thought that world was dangerous and miserable. Although, the world isn't bad, but the people is bad. The Germany's past is written in the global history in this book. 

Normally, I read three or five book in a month. I believe that one of the books that have impacted me most in life is that of "El olvido de seremos" by the Colombian writer Héctor Abad Faciolince. This book accompanied me at a time when I believed a critic in my life, moreover, achieved more and more the love of a father for his son. 

This is how two books have been able to undertake a great liking for literature and discover new forms of distraction and motivation, as the case of writing. I have written stories and poems in difficult times. Each written poem is a memory that is relieved with each word and intensified with each feeling.

I created other site like this in spanish version. Its only difference is that in that site I write opinions about of all books that I've read in my life.

I believe that the literature framed my way as person. This is my short introduction about my hobby and a short description about me.

I hope that my next stories that I'll write in this space are to you liking.

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