martes, 4 de abril de 2017

Book report "The leopard and the lighthouse"

1. Who were the main characters in the story? Describe them.

- In the story “The leopard and the lighthouse” the main characters were the leopard and Mohammed. Mohammed was the head man of the village of the island Sindi. 

- Tanza, the mohammed’s daughter, also was one of the main characters; she was beautiful girl. 

- In the story, there were two men that at Tanza didn’t like them. One of them was Ahmed. Ahmed was an old man and he had a big house and lots of animals. And the other man was Jamal; he was strong and big, but he talked a lot.

- Saied was a young man that he had nice eyes and a kind face. He liked at Tanza. Tanza liked at him. 

2. Who was your favorite character? Why?

- My favorite character was Saied because he was intelligent and he was quiet in that moment and he didn’t kill the leopard. 

3. Where and when did the story take place?

- The story took place in Sindi island, in the East Africa. The story developed in the present, since the actions were in present simple.

4. What was the main problem/situation in the story? What was the end?

- The main problems or situation in the story was the presence of a hungry leopard in the village of Sindi island.

- The hungry leopard ran into the market. The children were in danger. 

- Saied takes the leopard to the Animal Park in Nairobi. Tanza and Saied get married and they had children.

5. Did you like the story? 

- Yes, I Iiked the story because it was an excellent development and it was easy to read. 

6. What is the moral?

- Competition can sometimes be bad if we act with violence, impatience and ambition. The best technique is to be patient and guarantee the good of all.

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